Going through old stories


It's a new year and I decided to look back at the past. I wanted to see what I have done over the last couple of years and came across an old shoot I did that I felt had a great story that I never told.

Britton is a amazing women who has done a lot in her life. She has been in theater since she was a child, she started a non-profit at the age of 19, and has worked and lived across most of the US. After many years of traveling from state to state for work in electoral politics and working with her nonprofit, she found herself living in Denver. She fell in love with the city and wanted to be a part of the theater community again. She was looking for a new headshot as she was auditioning for a role in a upcoming musical. 

I found myself wanting to document the process in getting ready for her headshot and also for her part in the audition. So as she was getting ready I took a few shots and found myself amazed by where she has been, who she has become and all she'd done and seen by herself. At the age of 15 she left home (Augusta, GA) and moved to Boston, MA to study theatre at Walnut Hill. After School she came back home and started her non-profit called Augusta Commons, and later the Rising. From there she launched a program in Chicago called Gunpowder about gun violence on the South Side of Chicago, and the creative ways in which The Rising is collaborating with local nonprofits to educate and empower youth to stand up against it.


Later the next day we went to a music producer's home studio so that she could practice her song and music for her audition. It was crazy to see how strong she was and at the same time how much a human nerves can get to you. But with her strength and her beautiful voice it brought me to tears. I was so lucky to be a fly on the wall as I watched her go through these two days. 

This was one of my favorite moments of 2016 and one of my first experiences when I moved to Denver.