Colorado’s heat is coming from “The Arsonists”

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of working with Benchmark Theatre. With my fiancé having a huge passion for theatre and with my interest in cinematic stills, I was really excited to combine both of our interests when I heard from Artistic Producing Director, Haley Johnson, and her interest in collaborating. 

Founded by Rachel Rogers and Haley Johnson, Benchmark’s beginning its second year of imaginative, thought-provoking productions and partnerships in the Denver community. I was inspired to collaborate with them by their commitment to creating unique, culturally enriching art and received their friendly and professional welcome.


Benchmark’s play “The Arsonists" is a father-daughter tale of grief, loss and redemption. Inspired by the Greek tragedy "Electra," this play with music is a contemporary American myth that explores the relationship between parent and child in that small space between death and life, the last breath before the awakening and the impact of family on defining oneself.

Since production shooting is not normally a part of my style I was thrilled to have the opportunity. With my style, which is more focused on the commercial advertisement and editorial worlds, creating production work was fun and different.  Having to look ahead with framing, seeing where the actors were, and anticipating where they would be going kept me on my toes, looking for patterns. Not having a second chance if a moment got missed made for a raw and thrilling live experience that I’d love to bring into my commercial work.