A modern MacGyver and all-around merrymaker, Scott Eide relishes the treasure trove of creativity drawn to Southern California. He is a self-taught master of his trade, born and raised in Los Angeles County. His photographic work is influenced by the variety of styles and cultures cultivated in the area, as well as by contemporary motion pictures and the comic books of his youth. A natural craftsman with an engineering spirit, Scott is known for his keen eye and ability to collaborate. He inspires confidence and comradery, whether he is behind the lens or taking in the thrill of motoracing with friends. 

Scott specializes in advertising, editorial, and portrait photography. Since 2008, he has steadily expanded his commercial portfolio to represent the fashion, entertainment, and technology industries. His photographs have appeared in Accessories World Magazine and Huffington Post Hawaii,and have graced album covers and promotional campaigns for Dharam Productions, Freedom Rolling Records LLC, and Supremacy Records. He has skillfully showcased a range of products for clients that include Iconik Eyewear, Identity Boardshop, Oxstein Labs, PERC Advantage LLC, Pure Gear Inc., Superior Communications Product Inc., and Styles By Noelle LLC. 


contact Info:

email: scott@eidephoto.com
tel: 714.566.5941